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Interview questions for Kymythy Schultze

Q: How did you get into the field of natural nutrition?

A: Overcoming my own health challenges by changing my diet put me on the path to healing, not only for myself, but it also inspired me to seek out optimum nutrition for my family; furry and non-furry.

Q: Since you wrote the book Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats over 10 years ago it has become an international bestseller. To what do you attribute its continuing success?

A: More than ever our pets have become members of the family, so naturally people are taking a keener interest in their pet’s health. The diet recommendations in the book have helped so many animals: I’ve spoken to literally thousands of people who love to tell me about their miraculous results.

Q: Your second book; The Natural Nutrition No-Cook Book, is filled with recipes and nutritional information for humans. What was your motivation for writing it?

A: At the end of my animal lectures people often approach me with nutrition questions for themselves. So I wrote the second book to prove that, believe it or not, healthy food can be extremely delicious. And what makes the book truly unique is that all of the ingredients are safe to share with our dogs and cats. Because whether we admit it or not most of us share tidbits with our pets…and now we can do it guilt-free!

Q: Can the recipes be used by people with food sensitivities?

A: Yes! All of the recipes are free of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and many other allergenic substances. And they’re delicious! Try the fudge - yum! The recipes are so easy that even kids can make them. Children are more likely to eat something healthy if they had a hand in creating it. Plus, it’s important to instill good eating habits early.

Q: Your new book is called Natural Nutrition for Cats. Do cats have special dietary needs?

A: Absolutely yes! And many of the commercial pet foods they are being fed are doing a lot of damage to their health. But by learning to feed them correctly, by supplying them with a species-appropriate diet, your cat can achieve much greater health.

Q: Did the recent pet food recall motivate you to write your new book, Natural Nutrition for Cats?

A: The pet food recall was part of it. I wanted the tragedy to bring with it some good by using the heightened awareness to inform people about how commercial pet foods are manufactured, their ingredients and the often unhealthy relationship between veterinarians and the pet food industry. The information is so startling that often people can’t believe it, but it’s true.

Q: Do veterinarians endorse your diet recommendations?

A: Ten years ago it was difficult to find a vet that knew of the benefits of a species-appropriate diet, but now my publisher tells me that vets are the number one buyer of my first book, Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats, and it is being used as a textbook in college curriculum.

Q: How do you feel about the growing popularity of natural nutrition?

A: It makes me very happy. My goal has always been to help people, their children and their animals live a longer, happier and healthier life. If I play a part in that then I’ve done my job.

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