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Print and Radio segment ideas for Kymythy Schultze

  • How to protect your furry friend from pet food recalls

  • Fun and games for a healthier pet and a healthier you.

  • Animal communication: What’s your pet thinking?

  • The top 10 ideas for fabulous pet parties.

  • Natural parasite control: Flea-free, naturally!

  • Disease prevention through better nutrition.

  • Dangerous foods to avoid: How not to poison your pet.

  • Fighting like cats and dogs: How to make peace in your home.

  • Healing herbs for pets.

  • Oh Poop! Potty-training made easy.

  • Massage: It’s not just for humans anymore!

  • What is holistic healthcare for animals?

  • Nutritional supplements for your pet: Separating the good from the bad.

  • The latest information on the natural pet care.

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