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Television Segment Ideas for Kymythy Schultze

1. Dieting with Your Dog!
  • Two-thirds of Americans and up to 50% of pets are overweight.

  • Kymythy offers delicious recipes that will help keep you and your pet fit and feeling great.

  • Kymythy shows you easy exercises to help you shed pounds with your pooch.

2. Allergy-free Recipes!

  • 11 million Americans have food allergies, 1 in 133 are gluten-intolerant (cannot have wheat, barley, rye, oatmeal), and 50 million are lactose-intolerant (cannot have dairy).

  • Over 2 million pets have food allergies.

  • Kymythy will prepare nutritious, delicious recipes for people and pets with food allergies and intolerances. No sugar, dairy, or wheat; but still fun to eat!

3. Healthy Holiday Dining with Your Dog or Cat

  • Many people overindulge during the holidays and the holidays present many health hazards to pets.

  • Kymythy will prepare festive dishes you can feel good about eating and sharing with your dog or cat.

  • Recipe examples: Pumpkin Soup (we’ll carve a beautiful pumpkin and fill it with delicious soup), Cranberry-Carrot Relish (looks great in fresh orange-cups), and Winter Fruit Pie.

4. Feature the host’s dog or cat

  • Food fit for man and beast!

  • Kymythy will prepare sweet treats for the host and their pet.

5. What’s in the Garden? Picking and Preparing Fresh Produce

  • Kymythy will demonstrate how to choose the best ripe produce and make it into delicious dishes for you and your pets.

  • Kymythy talks about the value of fresh locally-grown food.

6. Low Carb Goes to the Dogs!

  • Both people and pets can benefit from a low-carb diet.

  • Kymythy will prepare delicious dishes that fit into the low-carb lifestyle; America’s fastest-growing food trend.

7. The Family Kitchen

  • Kymythy will demonstrate how to prepare safe, easy, kid- and pet-friendly recipes.

  • Recipes that children can help make - No cooking required!

8. Raw Food Revolution!

  • Raw food diets have become very popular in human and animal nutrition.

  • Kymythy explains the benefits of raw foods and prepares delicious recipes to share with your dog or cat.

  • Don’t cook tonight!

9. Anti-aging Anti-oxidants

  • Boost your brain power and increase your health with Kymythy’s delicious recipes!

  • Kymythy talks about important antioxidants found in food and their health benefits for you and your pets.

10. Healthy Sweets (Trick or Treat?)

  • Kymythy shows you how to prepare sugar-free treats that will satisfy your sweet-tooth.

  • Kymythy talks about sweets that you should NOT share with your pet and offers safe, delicious alternatives.

11. Using Food as Medicine

  • Tummy trouble? Back strain? Sniffles? Kymythy will talk about foods that help heal everyday health problems and then prepare delicious recipes using these foods.

© 2008 Kymythy R. Schultze